Ed Curtis
Many years of photography, birding and creative design came together when I retired and took up the art of bird carving. Initially my exposure was through local carvers who were generous with their time and help. In 1999, Bird Carvers Online (BCO) accepted me and carvers from all over North America shared their ideas and their work.
The BCO forum helped with learning about the tools, methods and anatomy.

Bird Carvers Online

Research and attention to detail proved valuable as my carving skills improved. Ornithology study enhanced my knowledge of avian anatomy and lead to a better understanding of the subjects I was to carve. Whether it is waterfowl, birds of prey, shorebirds or songbird, knowledge of the subject is important to me.

My first carving was a Blue Jay and the result gave me confidence to keep going. The second was a Hooded Merganser and it was awarded an honourable mention at a competition judged by Glenn McMurdo. Going to shows, competitions and taking classes from Pat Godin, Del Herbert, Glenn McMurdo, Keith Mueller, Glenn Ladenberger and others was a great help. In 2004 my work was presented to a group of artists and fine craftspeople who approved me as a “juried member” of the council. My carvings were selling before I could finish them so competition took a back seat.

During my time as a carver, I have offered new carvers the same attention that was so kindly shown to me. My wish is to help other carvers to grow in their art.