Project Description

Carving the Ruddy Turnstone

Life-size Ruddy Turnstone Decoy

Life-size Ruddy Turnstone Decoy

A complete PowerPoint presentation from start to finish with live consultation. Includes a kit that includes the cutout, eyes,dowel and cutout pattern.

This course was carefully prepared by Karen Hess and Vic Kirkman for the Decoy Carving Live curriculum.

A popular carving subject, the Ruddy Turnstone, is an exciting project the way Karen presents it. It has easy to follow steps; a lot of them, with excellent photos and thorough instructions.

No “stone left unturned”, Karen took over six months putting this course together for us. (Forgive the pun)

A great project for all ages.

I will be on call, live for a regularly scheduled, 1-hour session weekly, on our live video conferencing to assist you.

Duration of the class will be 10 weeks. Four students maximum in each class session. Email for questions or schedule.