Project Description


A working or contemporary style working decoy or gunner, which can be finished into a I.W.C.A. style decoy. We will be carving the Canvasback drake. One of the most popular and beautiful ducks.

The instructor, Vic Kirkman, works right along with you in each weekly live session. He explains what we are going to do, how to do it, in what sequence and why. He has you carving in his famous methodology and gives technique pointers as you go.
You can ask questions as he teaches and get direct instruction on your bird as you carve.

START NOW from our store now to get a spot and have time to get your kit, supplies and connected with our Google+ Hangout. First session is orientation to the live connection on Google Plus.

We will work within your availability. (Limited to 4 students per the class). Duration is 12 weeks.
Ask about monthly rates for continuing past the scheduled end date.


NOTE: Should a student need to miss a session, there will be one makeup session per month available.

Price – $350.00